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Dr. Barniv is currently an Aerospace Engineer with the Human Information Processing Research Branch, Flight Management & Human Factors Division, NASA Ames Research Center. Early in his career Dr. Barniv worked in maintenance and development of airborne and ground radars, fire-control systems, and air-traffic instrumentation. Later on, in the aircraft industry, he worked on missile guidance design projects, and was responsible for system implementation, integration, and field testing. During that period of nine years he also did performance estimation, feasibility and cost-effectiveness studies on a broad spectrum of projects in the areas of Electro-acoustics, Electro-optics, Electronic Counter Measures, Radar and Navigation. Dr. Barniv earned his advanced degrees at Carnegie-Mellon University in the area of digital/optical signal and image processing. He then joined Systems Control Technology as a research engineer. During this eight-year period he worked on Cruise-Missile path optimization, closed-loop ECM, Synthetic Aperture Radar applications to missile terminal homing, Ballistic Missiles interception, fleet anti-missile defense, and others. His main contribution during that period was an innovative approach to streak detection in IR imagery using dynamic programming. Recently Dr. Barniv has developed new techniques in the areas of Non-Acoustic ASW, Interferometric SAR, and Optical-Flow and stereo-based passive ranging for helicopter nap-of-the-earth obstacle avoidance.

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(415) 604-5451, (415) 604-3323 (fax),
MS 262-2 NASA Ames Research Center,
Moffett Field, CA 94035-1000

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